Pier Babylon NY

Pier Construction and Repair

Pier Construction & Repair

Kevel Marine provides complete pier construction and repair services for residential and commercial properties using the sturdiest piles and the most advanced materials. Our derrick / pile driver uses both water jet technology and weighted hammer-drive to build long-lasting piers of any size. Piers can be built using pressure-treated marine-grade timber, composite materials, concrete, and sheet piles.

Decking Massapequa NY

Decks and Planking

Decks & Planking

Quality decking enhances the appearance and functionality of your outdoor property providing long-lasting enjoyment for many years. Kevel Marine provides a wide range of safe, sturdy and attractive deck options that can withstand the most extreme weather conditions. Some of our most common deck materials include traditional pressure-treated hardwood planking, and PVC-wood composites. Composites — Trex®, TimberTech®, EverGrain® and others — are available in various colors and styles.

Seawall Gilgo Beach NY


Seawalls, Bulkheads & Refacing

Seawalls and bulkheads protect your property and structures from inclement weather and storm damage. They also add value help to retain value.

Kevel Marine constructs custom seawalls and bulkheads using a wide range of materials including pressure-treated marine-grade lumber, vinyl sheathing, aluminum, concrete, steel sheet pile, coral rock sheathing and more. Our highly skilled and experienced dock builders construct seawalls and bulkheads that last for many, many years. We also provide complete repair and refacing services for existing bulkheads.

Floating Dock Oakdale NY


Floating Docks & Structures

Floating docks, gangways, and platforms provide additions to traditional structures allowing for easy access to boats and personal watercrafts in shallow and deep water, or even no water. Floats are custom-built in any shape or configuration — square, rectangular, L & U shaped, finger docks, and more. Various materials can be used including various woods, composite lumber, and plastic materials. These structures can be removed during winter months and in advance of extreme weather conditions to ensure their protection.

Helical Piles

Helical Piles

Helical Piles

Helical piles are among the strongest and sturdiest foundation support systems available for marine construction projects. They are able to support more than 50 tons in compression and tension while resisting upward force. The unique cylindrical design make helical piles easy to install without a need for heavy overhead machinery. Helical piles can be installed in areas with limited access where other types of support structures may not be possible.


Pile Driving

Driven Piles

Kevel Marine can drive deep piling foundation-work for structures located nearby bayfronts, waterways or above high water tables. We use strong poles driven deep into the ground to create stilts which force surrounding earth materials to close around the pile and lock it into place. A critical step in foundation construction, these piles become part of the structure’s primary foundation. Kevel Marine has more than 25 years of experience installing piles made of timber, steel, concrete and sheet, which provide sturdy and long-lasting solutions. In addition to pile construction, we also offer complete repair services to preserve the integrity of your marine structures.

Boat Lift

Boat Lifts & Elevators

Boatlifts and bulkhead elevators keep your boat safe in busy areas and rough weather conditions. They significantly reduce vessel maintenance by eliminating marine growth such as barnacles and algae. Boat lifts can also reduce or eliminate winter storage costs.

Kevel Marine sells and installs boatlifts from top companies such as IMM Quality Boat Lifts
and other manufacturers. We can help you determine the proper type and size of lift for your yacht, boat, jet-ski and other watercraft. We also provide boatlift maintenance services too.

Crane Services

Crane Services / Dredging /
Boat & Floating Dock Haul-Outs

Avoid exposure to ice and harsh weather conditions by scheduling a haul-out for your boat, floating dock and gangway ahead of the winter months. Our crane gently lifts your vessel and dock materials to store them on your property and return them to the water in the spring.