Marine Construction | Freeport | Brightwaters
Marine Construction | Freeport | Brightwaters


At Kevel Marine, we build all of our docks to stand up to all kinds of weather for years and years. Yet our services are also affordable too. We work directly with you to provide the service you need within your budget.

Pile Driving

Pile Driving | Deck Construction | Dock Building | Freeport | BrightwatersKevel Marine's pile driving provides the strongest piles available for standalone use or for construction of a pier, dock or other structure. We have many years of experience installing piles made of timber, steel, concrete and sheet, and offer sturdy and long-lasting solutions.

In addition to pile construction, we also offer complete repair services to preserve the integrity of your marine structures.

Helical Piles

Helical piles are among the strongest and sturdiest foundations available for marine construction projects, able to support over 50 tons in compression and tension. The unique cylindrical design of helical piles allow for easy installation without the need for heavy machinery, and a resistance to all types of upward force. This ensures that your structure will remain intact for many years. Helical piles are also advantageous in limited access areas where other types of support structures may not be possible.


Piers | Freeport | BrightwatersWe provide complete pier construction and repair services for residential and commercial properties, using the sturdiest piles and the most advanced materials. Our derrick / pile driver uses both water jet technology and weighted hammer drive to build long-lasting piers of any length and size. Piers can be built in pressure treated timber, composite materials, concrete and sheet piles, all with several options available to enhance appearance and functionality.

Dock Building

Boat docks are custom-built for each property to provide functional structures that are built to last. We construct high-quality docks with precise detail in the placement of each deck board and screw. Docks may be constructed from several different materials and attached to wood or concrete piles. Additional protective services are available to further enhance the look and performance of the dock.

Seawalls & Bulkheads

Seawalls and Bulkheads | Freeport | BrightwatersSeawalls and bulkheads protect your property from damage caused by time and weather, yet they also add to the appearance of your property and retain its value. We construct custom seawalls and bulkheads made from a wide range of materials, depending on each client's personal preferences, including pressure-treated wood, vinyl sheathing, aluminum, concrete, steel sheet pile, coral rock and more. Our highly skilled and experienced dockbuilders construct seawalls and bulkheads that last for many, many years. We also provide complete repair and replacement services for existing bulkheads.

Floats, Gangways, Platforms

Floats, Gangways, Platforms | Freeport | BrightwatersFloating docks, gangways and platforms provide additions to traditional structures, allowing for easy access to boats and personal watercrafts in shallow and deep water, or even no water. Floats are specially crafted for your specific individual needs and can be built in any shape or configuration – square, rectangular, L & U shaped and more. Various materials can be used, and in extreme weather, these structures can often be removed to ensure their protection.


As the effects of time, weather and other damage take their toll, the appearance and integrity of your marine structures may begin to fade. At Kevel Marine, we offer complete refacing services across Long Island, helping to restore a pristine appearance and enhance the value of your property. Refacing by our skilled dockbuilders can transform aging and derelict structures back to their original and functional dockfronts.


Decking | Freeport | BrightwatersDecking enhances the appearance and functionality of your outdoor property, and, when constructed under proper guidelines, can provide long-lasting enjoyment without the need for repairs. At Kevel Marine, we provide a wide range of safe, sturdy and aesthetically-pleasing deck options that can withstand even the most extreme weather conditions. Some of our most common deck materials include traditional pressure hardwood, thermally-modified wood, plastic wood composites and PVC. Composites and PVC such as Trex®, TimberTech®, EverGrain® and others are available in a variety of colors.


Boatlifts keep your vessel safe in busy areas and during rough weather, and significantly reduce vessel maintenance by eliminating marine growth such as barnacles and algae. Boat lifts can also reduce your storage costs.

We sell and install boatlifts from the top companies such as Hi-Tide® and other manufacturers. We can help you determine the proper type and size of lift for your yacht, boat, jetski and other watercraft.We also provide boatlift maintenance services as well.

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